American vs European Culture

Go to 1:10 for the best moment.

Thing that confuses me about Congress

People seem to think that if they can get 100 co-sponsors in the House, that somehow makes a bill passable.

If it's there to make a political point, that's fine, if wasteful.

But don't introduce things and lead people to believe that you can pas them when you can't. Every. single. member of the House has to run, 100% of the time. We need people who will run then immediately stepdown, and for seniority to accrue differently. It's foolish to reward people for spending their lives in the artificial world of Washington.

What confuses me about the healthcare debate

We know that healthcare costs are rising faster than incomes/GDP. We can further predict that they will continue to rise.

Insurance companies make profits, yes, but they primarily raise prices because healthcare costs more.

In other words, our pie of healthcare spending is growing, so insurance companies, which spread the costs of the pie evenly, are going to be raising prices for everyone.

And there's no way to avoid that until we can control costs.


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