Us, analyzed via Facebook

In Data Science of the Facebook World, Stephen Wolfram investigates us and finds a BUNCH of cool stuff. Go check it out.
 Over the decades I’ve been steadily accumulating countless anecdotal “case studies” about the trajectories of people’s lives—from which I’ve certainly noticed lots of general patterns. But what’s amazed me about what we’ve done over the past few weeks is how much systematic information it’s been possible to get all at once. Quite what it all means, and what kind of general theories we can construct from it, I don’t yet know.

But it feels like we’re starting to be able to train a serious “computational telescope” on the “social universe”. And it’s letting us discover all sorts of phenomena. That have the potential to help us understand much more about society and about ourselves. And that, by the way, provide great examples of what can be achieved with data science, and with the technology I’ve been working on developing for so long.

The FAA Furloughs

Cut Head Start?


Cut programs for the neediest that have demonstrated positive impacts on the economy?


But cause some intermediate flight delays that affect people who can make phone calls, and Congress immediately gets to work.

That's wrong.