I wrote this roughly a year and a half ago, on StoryTime:
But mostly, I hear about times when some of the people I looked up to most had the deepest troubles - the facade is pulled away, and we see each other as we see ourselves - as flawed creatures simply trying to do the best with what we have in life. Storytime is a place of common comfort - where a crowd can support the speaker, and the speaker support the crowd. My life at Williams is better for those gatherings at 9 in Henze lounge, and I look forward to the last of the semester and the other stories in years to come.
Last Sunday, it was my turn. I had known since my first Storytime that I wanted to speak, but such things weren't for me to decide (though I'll admit I said I had that interest a few times). To me, each week is its own gift: hearing some unique part of someone's past. For me, the story was also private, but had something to do with the irony of my leadership at Williams, and my natural introversion.

Those patterns continue today. I still say well-intentioned things sometimes ("nah, I'm dropping Maddy off first") which come off as "I won't drop you off," when I mean to say "I'm dropping you off next."

Complicated, yes, but also true. I wish I'd said more about Gargoyle as well - the little purple book I own has so much of the history of student leadership at Williams, something I constantly seek to foster; I also hoped to be clearer that whatever my reasons for starting to do "leadership" stuff, the ultimate reasons for my actions are that I genuinely enjoy helping people.

But it was my story, and while I have to get back to finals, I'm very gratified by the response I got.

Another Technology Post

While writing a paper about hypocrisy in politics, I came across a blog post review of Political hypocrisy: the mask of power, from Hobbes to Orwell and beyond By David Runciman. I then searched for the book (which is checked out) on my library's website, then accessed it via the electronic portal. I can now read the entire book online, at no cost to me, about 1 minute after finding out it exists.

Without getting up from my carrel. Whoa.