A very good blog post about 18F

From one of the best blog posts I've read about my employer:

These applications and initiatives are important, and they have been
built transparently and in the open. The manner in which this work gets
done is also encouraging: agile, perhaps even lean. I don’t see
year+-long projects comprising large teams and costing millions of
dollars. They appear to be greenfield, relatively small applications
that will likely not require considerable resources to maintain over

Importantly, we know about all of this because 18Fers are vocal about their work and successes, rightly so. They blog frequently
and tweet, a lot. They market and promote their work, and they do so
consistently. Considering the government’s general risk aversion,
message obsession, and concern about “optics,” 18F’s prolificness in
writing about their work is, again, impressive.

I do not know first-hand what it’s like to work at 18F. But it sure does seem like a good place to spend part of a career in technology.

That, right there, is in my estimation the most important thing that 18F has done: 18F has made working in government seem like an attractive option for talented people.

Why Millennials Are Less Urban Than You Think | FiveThirtyEight

Why Millennials Are Less Urban Than You Think | FiveThirtyEight: Millennials overall, therefore, are not increasingly living in urban neighborhoods. Rather, the most educated one-third of young adults are increasingly likely to live in the densest urban neighborhoods. That’s great news for cities trying to attract young graduates and a sign that urban neighborhoods have become more desirable for those who can afford them. But the presence of more smart young things in Brooklyn is not evidence that millennials are a more urban generation.

On a South Carolina Shooting

Regarding this story/video of a police officer shooting a running black man eight times, I am not as interested in stories about these particular individuals and their backstories as I am in stories about:
  • Why the police officer actually felt like he had to shoot a running suspect
  • Why the police officer felt so secure/confident about framing the murdered man with a Tazor.
  • How we can address the many situations like this where its not caught on video.