Wherever you were for the past 69 days...

at least you weren't stuck underground in a 90 degree (Fahrenheit) mine.

iTunes libraries

It seems people with iTunes open on their computer automatically share content on the Williams network. So far, so good. But there are a few other much more creepy details:
  • The library is named according to the computer's owner: "____ _____'s library" and so on.
  • iTunes shares everything the owner has, meaning that any self-recordings in one's library are available to anyone else (for example, podcasts on dieting or other medical issues)
  • iTunes shares one's playlists, which often have names that share personal info, such as "my songs," or pieces for class.
  • Most egregiously, most of the shared libraries I peeked at share the "top 25 most played songs" and "recently played," both of which are a little personal for sharing across the internet, even on Williams.