My new employer was recently featured in this article about the massive green energy projects that are being undertaken in Verona, WI.
"Epic is an economic engine that's a Wisconsin outlier: A booming business that's about as far from the state's manufacturing heritage as you can get.
The company is moving to wean itself off fossil fuels in a big way.
Already, most buildings on the sprawling campus are heated and cooled with a ground-source heat pump system, which means the campus needs no natural gas for heating and no electricity for cooling in the summer.
About 1,300 solar panels were erected in recent months on a latticelike structure above an employee parking lot."
As you can see from the graph on the right side, Epic is a very quickly growing company; my work will be to help pick up some of the sales and projects that Epic's immense success is securing. But just as importantly, the reasons for that growth are immediately observable: Epic is a fantastic company, with fantastic methods and values, which produces a valuable project that does good and makes money.

I'm so excited to be starting my work there in a few weeks, but in the meantime, I'll have to settle for more research, in addition to preparation for my new life. Anyone selling a car?

Back in Decatur, B.A. in Hand

1000 miles, one hotel, and 4 aunts and uncles later, I'm back in Decatur, in the same room where I laid on the floor for hours, Facebook chatting about Williams with my first Eph friend. She didn't follow the path we were expecting of her during those hot summer nights; I suppose I didn't either, though my WOOLF letter from August '07 was pretty close to home.

And now I become an adult, with my own income, car (once I buy it), and apartment/condo/house (once I find it). Life goes on, but I think I'm ready. I'm so fortunate, though, to have friends from all over the US, in addition to people I met internationally and those from my childhood. I'm thankful for the adults and peers who have shaped my life, directing me to places where I think I was helpful (the Gaudino Board, the Honor Committee, etc) and those who tested me. Ultimately, I am stronger for those experiences. And so now, life begins.

Hopefully, I'll keep this blog a little more regular. We'll see.

Well, I'm done with college

And will post many thoughts on that......what I can finally have time to write. But for now, from the road, all I can say is that I miss Williams something awful. It was a wonderful four years, and I was glad to have it.

Booker Speaks at Commencement '11

What a speech.

Carpe Diem

So goes my high school's motto, and I'd like to think that I have. From one reception to another reception to lunch w/ friend to Ivy Exercises to packing to Baccalauriate to party to bonfire to party to packing, it was a full day.

And in 10 hours, I will be a Williams Grad. Wow.