one month....

...since I set foot on campus. Let's hope it stays just as remarkable, but for now, my writing time is reserved for fellowships, the Record, and academic work. Alas.


At Commencement last year, I had to deliver a message to the stage about an event I didn't fully understand, that had occurred earlier that day in the Swiss Alps. Someone died, but unlike the myriads of people I know who have passed, this person was connected to those I was connected to: a member of their entry and their year-abroad group.

Another '11 blogger said it all better than I ever could, but listening to stories about him tonight is a privilege, and only underscores how I feel about each and ever member of our class. If I could have lunch with a difference person, each day for the rest of the year, I wouldn't come close to meeting everyone. But I want to, and events like those tonight (and the circumstances that brought it about) remind me of the countless gifts we may never access.