Taking Everything Off Of Facebook

Privacy Issues abound, so I'm taking them off. Archived here:

About Me: I am a curator, a sage, an aide, a blogger, an adviser, a counselor, an advocate, a scholar, an editor, a researcher, an agent, a director, a marshal, an organizer, a musician, a philosopher, an amateur, a Baptist, and willing to listen if you ever need an ear.

Media things I'm proud of:

"Why is it that when man defaces something replaceable and made by man, it is called Vandalism, whereas when man defaces something irreplaceable and made by God, it's called development?"

Life Rewards Optimism - Aaron Flack.

I put the "Stud" in Study - Lindsey Moore

Eph my Life - Brenna Baccaro

i didnt turn stupid just cuz ive been mistreated - A Friend

Ok, this is getting too deep for facebook chat - Maddie

I guess he's not that great at connecting emotionally with the general populace. - Luci

I hope that every year Williams continues to meet that ignorance with reproach. - Thomas Calvo

YES. - You know who you are.

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