A long time coming.....

My life has been a bit on the side of insane. My research project for Gender, Law, and US Politics led to me reading about 70 Supreme Court cases (most of which didn't have what I was looking for), and then putting together a massive 25 page document that also revealed how recent a lot of the Women's rights history is.

My other classes were similarly demanding, and this is the first semester when I had to drop something to stay afloat. In retrospect, I should have dropped more.

Summerwise, I'm employed by Williams until Mid-June for commencement and as a Reunion Ranger. It's a bit of a dream job - I'm a institutional history geek, and these guys will be great primary sources. (Women too, but not as far back. Odd to think that no one at Williams has an alumni grandmother, but that will change soon.) Williams is also very hot in the summer - I need a fan to stay comfortable, and the lack of AC is a bit killer. The South has the advantage here - because our median temperature is so much better than up here in Yankee-land, we don't need as much energy to attain it indoors.

Then, I'm not sure. I might hike some of the AT, but I think a lot of my work will be focused on social media/political research and possibly learning German in preparation for a fellowship. Send me questions; I'm not sure what else to write. I'm spending a lot of time doing debate and such on some anon websites about women's rights - I really do feel much more equipped to talk abotu such issues now. Thanks, Professor/RASAN.