South Dakota

Sometimes, you don't have to plan.

I have a wonderful job that involves lots of timelines, reports, notes, follow-ups, and other myriad tools of project management. I like my job, but sometimes its nice just to do something without a lot of planning - and to have it all work out anyway. This weekend was one of those moments. Ever since I heard about it, I felt pretty strongly about getting myself to the Taize gathering in Red Shirt, Pine Ridge Reservation.
First, I have never been to that area of the country - and never to a true reservation. Second, it's been a little while since I camped and it's always nice to get a small reminder of the joy of regular showers
But mostly, I was looking for the Taize spirit. I know of no other group that has such a welcome openness among so many, from such disparate backgrounds.

However, there was a catch - I didn't exactly figure out how I was getting there. My thought had been to ride with Chicago folks, but the connections were light and the buses full. So I found myself googling for other rides and resources - and on Wednesday, I found a bus leaving from Minneapolis, a cool 4.5 hours from Madison.
So right after work on Thursday, I got on the road with a audio book of "The girl with the dragon tattoo" and headed to the bus. The people were kind, friendly, and pretty much all new to Taize. That didn't make them newbies, or lacking in experience, but perhaps there was a confidence difference
I had some idea of what I was getting myself into, and they were coming on the strength of the recommendations of others, or simply a Memorial Day whim.

Talent is everywhere