On the crimes in North Korea and how we are distracted from them

metsuken comments on Sony & "The Interview" -- what's your take?:

But Kim Jong Un is not Emperor Palpatine. The Workers' Party are not
Sith lords. They are completely sane, flesh-and-blood men and women no
different from me or you who torture and imprison regular people.

Real people. People who are fathers, daughters, uncles, friends.
Imagine if your family lived in a country where one misstep you make
could land you and your children in the gulag. If you have daughters,
you can expect them to be raped by guards who don't bother to use
condoms and their fetuses forcefully aborted. If you have a relative
that has special needs, expect them to be executed for polluting the
gene pool.

When you step back and start deprogramming yourself from the media
conditioning that North Korea has been feeding you, it's not so easy to
be so flippant about North Korea, is it? Suddenly it becomes as
disturbing as joking about the deaths of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, or
creating memes out of the two NYPD officers who were murdered in cold
bold simply for being in uniform. Picture that on a scale magnified by
millions and perpetuated every single day.

So the fact that the world is congratulating itself for being so
witty and edgy for mocking North Korea is what made me angry this week.
Once again, the North Korean government proved that comfort kills
empathy. It's natural human psychology. I've seen more outrage against
North Korea for bullying Sony into pulling this movie than I have when
the UN released its report on North Korean concentration camps.

If the world was able to see North Korea soberly as the most brutal dictatorship in the world,
it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass convincing people to get
involved. That's harder to do now that everyone is lapping up the DPRK's
Kool Aid without realizing.