Pray For Japan

It was the 7th largest earthquake in recorded history. Millions are saved because of good engineering there, but hundreds or thousands are dead. Two passenger trains (whole trains) are missing.


Physical security is important; I've been blessed to live in some wonderful places without much present crime. However, security for planes, trains, and public areas is now verging on the rediculous.

Life has risks, and the more we embrace them the more realistic our expectations will be. Trying to build a security wall around the entire US is foolhardy, and will ultimately hurt us more than it helps us.

Too much

Sometimes, one's to-do list gets so long that just starting in on it is scary.

I want to:
  • Update my resume
  • Look at Route 2
  • Fill out two more applications
  • Finish arranging things for the bell-ringing hiring process.
  • Read the Atlantic
  • Meet three people for coffee, dinner, and hanging out tonight.
  • Go to the class I'm auditing.