The backpacks of an implementer vs an innovation specialist

After two days on the job, I don't think I know enough to post a full review (beyond saying 18F is wonderful and I'm so excited to learn more), but here's a starting point.

In my backpack with Epic:
  • Laptop, so that you can work anywhere with wifi
  • MiFi, so that you have fast wifi everywhere
  • Headphones (with attached mic) to do calls while walking between planes
  • Semi-wrapped laptop cord for plugging in everywhere
  • A pack of Epic pens, which seem to disappear onsite
  • Home car keys (rental car keys are in my pocket)
  • Business cards
  • Pack with toothbrush and other "if my bag gets lost" nesssities
In my backpack with 18F:
  • Water bottle, so that I don't have to buy another bottle at lunch
  • Umbrella, since GSA doesn't have thousands of free underground packing spaces and I'm taking a bus to work (learned that lesson today)
  • Book/Nook for the bus
  • My letter paper DC license while they print a new small one
The move to DC has simplified my working life, and I appreciate that. :)