Genius: The Nickelback Story - Businessweek

Genius: The Nickelback Story - Businessweek: There are people out there who love Nickelback. And if they pay enough and get close enough to the stage at a concert, Chad Kroeger, the band’s lead singer, rewards them by throwing beers at them, which is what’s happening on a Saturday night at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Ind. Kroeger is yelling, “Who’s thirsty?” The crowd is roaring in appreciation. Behind him, roadies are chucking dozens of cups into the audience of 16,000. For several women in the front rows, at least, there is no risk of wardrobe damage; they have removed their shirts.

Two Voting Populations

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"Free Stuff" vs "Freedom"

The GOP meme that people voted for free stuff is annoying, false, and harmful to the workings of the democracy. It's also being pushed pretty hard right now.