This weekend

    Firstly, an observation: Rick Santorum is, by every account, a loving husband and father. He doesn't present a false face to the public - he's an honest, big-government-y social conservative, and he has a three-year old with a genetic convention.

    He left the trail, shortly before a vote that will likely end his candidacy, to be with his daughter, and my thoughts are with him and his family. One girl, one life, is ultimately a statistic most of the time, unless we know them personally, but in this case I think such stories and our respect for them are part of a common humanity that I want to preserve.

    But in other news, I had a great weekend. I indulged by inner geek and watched a tournament of my company's Starcraft 2 team, currently competing in an online tournament, and went from that event to a rollicking party at a friend's apartment, where a few stronger friendships were made. :) Saturday I went skiing, and left feeling good about it.

    After a tough time snowboarding, and an even rougher ski excursion during college, I was a little wary and was planning on going back to boarding. But with all of my friends on skis, I followed the crowd, and found myself.....not falling.

    So then I took a "blue" course (more difficult), and....didn't fall. Reality re-asserted itself a bit later when a snowboarder got in my way and I realized that braking and steering were mutually exclusive for me, but as I got better at sharply turning right (think Zoolander, but opposite) I felt more and more comfortable. I now feel confident on skis. Yay!

    And then there was another party that will really need its own post to explain, and snow tubing today.

    So in all....good weekend.

      More on Epic

      Steve Dickmann, of Epic, recently gave a talk in Madison about my company and its history. It's fascinating if you want to know more about Epic (looking at you, parents), but also for how new and recent the company infrastructure is.