Departure from WI / Shows

I've scheduled this post to publish while I'm between Madison and Chicago. It's been over 3.5 years since I drove up into town, and I'll be headed out in the same way - one very full subcompact, but with professional experience and some money saved to show for my time here. I had a few goals in coming to WI, and I think I accomplished most of them, though I probably could have had similar gains in less time - I was just lucky enough to enjoy my job and stick around longer than I had planned.

I'm really excited about what's coming up - which I will announce in this space once I'm cleared for my next gig, but right now I wanted to catalogue something of my time in WI: the shows I saw, and events I attended. I don't think I'm going to save the programs/tickets for a scrapbook, but I think listing them out is a cool record of how else I filled my time here, and around the country. This is definitely a partial list - I only saved tickets or programs some of the time.

  • Taize gatherings in Chicago, Pine Ridge, and Austin (still need to write a thank-you-note for Austin)
  • Darlingside had a show in WI this past winter; I took some dear friends with me and we enjoyed the great sound (using just one mic!)
  • Bookless: the madison central library held an event with live music acts, art everywhere, and a few "Special features" as we said goodbye to the library before a big renovation. The definite highlight was lots of free paint and brushes to get creative on several walls.
  • Madison Remembers: I sang in this 9/11 memorial concern pictured to the right.
  • Monster Trucks! On a whim, I joined M, M, and A at Madison's smallish arena to see a pretty good show
  • Madison State Fair - weather was bad, eh.
  • The Magic Castle - an amazing club in LA that I got to visit thanks to a work trip and got in thanks to a work connection.Very privilaged.
  • Verona Area Theater - Singing in the Rain and The Producers
  • Middle Theater - Les Miserables. It was an AMAZING show.
  • Stoughton Players - Company.
  • John Oliver Stand-up in Madison.
  • Bobby McFerrin in Chicago, and endless calls from the CSO afterward for a membership.
  • Catch Me if you Can - the national tour, with a friend's friend in the cast
  • Almost, Maine in Rhode Island with a friend in the cast
  • Once on Broadway