One of the strongest arguments against big government today is in articles like these

Medicaid hack update: 500,000 records and 280,000 SSNs stolen | ZDNet: The Utah Department of Health hack has grown once again, and the FBI is now involved. The latest total is 780,000 victims: 500,000 records and 280,000 Social Security numbers (SSNs) stolen.

A few things to be Thankful For, From Reddit

  1. Within 30 seconds of where you are sitting right now, there's a sit-down toilet next to a tap that delivers clean, drinkable water and/or hot water suitable for showering. 
  2. You've got a credit card in your pocket, and some cash. If you want more, there's an ATM where you work. You regularly come into contact with poor people, but no one so poor that they can't afford food, or are dying of an illness that is treatable through handwashing, mosquito nets or inexpensive medication. You almost never encounter a malnourished child.
  3. Your family and friends are easy to reach and get in touch with. You have shared experiences with them and they understand your life and what you're going through.


Quoting Walter Russell Mead:
Christians, especially in countries like the United States where the ideal of religious liberty has been an important element of Christian teaching for centuries, believe that the rise of religious tolerance in the Christian world is one of the signs that Christianity is true: believers are becoming more like Christ in his infinite compassion and profound respect and love of every human soul despite error and sin. Moreover they see the spread of tolerance and the repudiation of false ideals like “holy wars” (such as the Crusades, fought not only against Muslims but against heretics inside the Christian world) as signs that God is working in human history to bring us to a greater light and deeper understanding.
For many Muslims, however, the rise of tolerance in Christianity looks less like maturity and self confidence than like the senescence of a religion in decline. Christianity, these critics say, is losing its hold on the western mind. The rise in religious tolerance is the result of necessity — the churches are weak, the believers indifferent, and so Christians no longer have the inner conviction to stand up for their faith. Just as Christian countries tolerate a range of vices and practices that in the past, when their faith was stronger, they opposed (homosexuality, abortion, sexual immorality of all kinds, blasphemy and obscenity), so now they also don’t care very much about what religion people profess because their own faith doesn’t mean all that much to the shrinking minority that still has one.
The link has a lot more interesting content about the macro-relationship of Christianity and Islam, but on this Easter Sunday, I'm glad to have a faith that is, at its core, about hope, resurrection, and other evidences of things not seen.