Why I quit Ephblog

Posts like this one.

White males have nothing to do with this, and nothing about Claiming Williams was construed against white males as a group. Good grief.

EDIT (2/3/2011):

Well, it's typical for someone attacked like that to have a chance to respond, so here goes: what I meant by the above is that Claiming Williams isn't construed against white males, but rather about white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, etc. Does that add up to white males feeling weird or attacked by CW? Yes!

I know that because I myself felt weird about CW sophomore year until a long, long conversation about the word "privilege." What I was objecting to was David taking the refusal to release the film as a reason why "white males" feel unwanted, as if there was a policy against his white-maleness by the steering committee.

Dave, I welcome the post, but a little warning would be nice next time....


  1. Posts like that are what finally prompted me to take Ephblog off my Google Reader.

    I feel much better now!

  2. Will: while the criticism of David's post is well deserved, I think it's unfortunate that you make no positive mention of excellent, constructive EphBlog posts on similar topics, such as this one:


  3. That's a fair point, Ronit, and I'll look to do a better job highlighting my favorite posts.

  4. I'm sorry Will. If you haven't figured out that their is anti-white bias at Williams College by now, then there may be no hope for you.

  5. Well, sure there is! I've seen all sorts of biases. But I certainly haven't seen anti-white bias present in the same way I've seen biases of other sorts.

  6. Please stand by for "Why I forked EphBlog:"